Shark vs Dyson: Vacuum Comparison 2017

If you’ve never had the opportunity to do a live, side-by-side comparison of your favorite cleaning products, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity now.

While we may not be there “live” to demonstrate, we can certainly help you compare two of the cleaning industry’s favorite vacuum cleaner brands: Shark vs Dyson.

The competition is fierce, so in our guide below, we help you compare and contrast these top brands.

The top five in our list below were selected based on performance, price, overall quality and the general opinion of consumers who have also used the product.

Your Vacuuming Needs

Before you start comparing and contrasting, think about the type of vacuum you need and the surfaces that you will be vacuuming.

Do you have tile, hardwood or laminate flooring? High-pile or low-pile carpeting? A mixture of surfaces?

Choose a vacuum that has the right attachments and accessories for your floor surface.

The Rest of the Choices

There are plenty of other things to take into consideration when you’re choosing a vacuum cleaner, including.

  • Corded or Cordless
  • Bag or Bagless
  • Canister, Upright, Handheld
  • Washable Filters or Disposable Filters
  • Attachments

…and last but not least, the price.

Top 10 Shark vs Dyson Vacuums Chart

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Shark NV358 Navigator Lift Away Professional Upright VacuumUpright$$$4.6
2. Dyson V6 Cord Free VacuumUpright$$$4.4
3. Shark Rocket Professional (NV484)Upright/ Handheld$$4.4
4. Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleanerCanister$$$$4.4
5. Shark Pet Perfect II Hand Vac (SV780)Handheld$4.4
6. Dyson V6 Cord Free VacuumUpright/ Handheld Cordless$$$4.4
7. Shark Rocket Professional (NV484)Upright$$4.3
8. Dyson V6 TriggerHandheld$$4.3
9. Shark Lift Around Portable Vacuum (NP319E)Portable$$4.3
10. Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum CleanerUpright$$$$4.0

Dyson vs Shark: The Overview

You can see from our table above that both brands have similar products available, so let’s do a general side-by-side comparison of both products to get a feel for where each one stands.

  • Price. As you can see, Dyson products are more expensive than Shark products due to the engineering and technology that goes into them. While this may help in the performance of the vacuum, it doesn’t always make it the best choice for consumers.

Shark vacuums are less expensive and while they may not use the same technology as Dyson, their overall performance isn’t too far behind. Shark products cost much less and based on many other factors (not just price), they beat out Dysons.

  • Quality. Going back to the Dyson technology, they do know how to make a quality vacuum and, one that lasts.

If you think about it, you may pay more for a Dyson initially, but the fact that you won’t have to go out and replace it after two years (that is, if you take proper care of it) means that your money will go a long way.

Products that perform well but have a lower price tag are probably made with cheaper, less-reliable materials, meaning that you may need to replace parts more frequently.

So, really, you may spend less on a Shark in the beginning, but the cost might increase over time if you need to replace parts or spend money maintaining.

It all comes down to the long-term math and reliability of the product. Some people can spend a $100 on a vacuum that lasts 10 years because they maintain it well and use it infrequently.

Overall, Dyson wins in long-term quality, reliable warranties and excellent customer service.

  • Functionality. Here is where the competition really heats up.

You’ll notice that Dyson has many products targeted at pet owners, and while Shark may not label or name their products with pet-related terms, some of their vacuums are just as good at removing pet hair as a Dyson and some even come with better pet cleaning attachments.

Both brands make similar models, although you’ll notice that Dyson’s canister vacuum is more compact and easier to move around (it has wheels) while the Shark version is more like a mini shop vac that you will need to manually move.

When all is said and done, both brands make great vacuums and everyone has different opinions and expectations when purchasing a vacuum.

In order to choose between a Shark vs Dyson vacuum, use our handy comparison guide above and check out what we (and consumers) have to say about the top five in our list below.

Top 5 Best Shark vs Dyson Vacuums Reviews

1. Shark NV358

The number one spot on our list goes to Shark. The overall quality and performance was so close to Dyson that it came down to the price in this one. This Shark costs slightly less than the Dyson, and it is one of the most popular vacuums out on the market today.

What People Love About It: It is bagless, it has a HEPA filtration system to trap tiny dust and allergen particles, a swivel head that allows you to easily maneuver it around your furniture, excellent suction power that is also adjustable, a beater bar that you can turn on or off, bet hair tool, sponge filters that you can wash and, of course, the price.

The vacuum’s suction power is surprisingly good for this price range, and the unit only weighs around 14 pounds.

You could spend more money on the Dyson if you were looking for a few small features that this one doesn’t have (a light, on-board storage for some of the attachments and a longer hose), but overall, the Shark takes the cake.

2. Dyson 209472-01

For superior lightweight, cordless vacuuming, Dyson sweeps the scoreboard with the V6 Cord Free Vacuum.

The freedom to move anywhere and everywhere around the house without stopping to move the cord is the most appealing thing about a cordless vacuum, and Dyson’s powerful suction technology shines with the V6.

It features a motorized cleaner head that is safe for all floor types, a powerful V6 motor for superb suction, 2-tier radial cyclone system to increase airflow and capture fine dust particles, balanced cleaning that allows you to move flawlessly from floor to higher areas and the best part of all is that you can detach the main hose and use this handy vacuum as a handheld, too.

All of the great suction power does come at a cost, and that is the battery life. You’ll only get 20 minutes of vacuuming time before you need to recharge it, however the positive definitely outweigh the negative!

3. Shark NV484

The Shark is back again with the Rocket Professional vacuum.

It’s packed with handy features (and a handy price tag) that make it more appealing ton consumers.

It features advanced cyclonic technology that separates fine dirt from the air, which allows you continuous suction power as you vacuum. It also has an enhanced swivel steering system that makes it easy to maneuver around the house and the lengthy cord together with the quick release wand help you reach pretty much anywhere.

The pet cleaning tools make it appealing to pet owners who are constantly battling fur on rugs, carpeting and upholstery.

Users find that the dustbin has a smaller capacity and the vacuum isn’t always steady (it can tip over) if you’re using the hose, but it’s also lightweight and not too loud.

4. Dyson DC39 Animal

For those who love a good canister vacuum for hard flooring, Dyson makes the top model.

It is also a top choice for pet owners and asthma/allergy sufferers because it has a whole-machine HEPA filtration system that helps keep the air clean as you vacuum.

It features Dyson’s unique ball technology that allows you to turn on the spot and maneuver your way around the house with ease, the head has stiff nylon bristles that help you lift and remove dirt from carpet along with a soft nylon bristles that make it safe for hard floors.

The tangle-free turbine tool appeals to pet owners since it helps remove fur and hair from carpets and upholstery.

Users find that it works better on hard flooring rather than carpeting, so if you have hard flooring and/or pets in the home, there’s no better choice than the Dyson Animal Canister.

5. Shark SV780

Last: the handheld. Shark wins again!

Families with pets or kids know that cleaning is a frequent occurrence in the household, and this handy handheld will help you clean up all of the sills and small messes.

It comes with all of the attachments you need for cleaning carpet, bare floor and upholstery, it has a large dustbin, washable filters and strong cyclonic suction power that will get whisk away those fine hairs that regular vacuums can’t loosen.

An indispensable cleaning tool for the home. Great job, Shark!

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