Vacuum Top Marketing Scholarship

Vacuum Top helps consumers find cleaning solutions by testing and analyzing vacuums, mops and other cleaners and writing easy-to-follow guides and reviews. Examples of the guides we have written are: Best Car Vacuum, Best Mop for Hardwood Floors and Best Commercial Vacuum.

The Vacuum Top Marketing Scholarship is created for students with passion for marketing. We understand the influence of marketing and would like to enable innovative students to demonstrate their abilities in Internet marketing. We award the scholarship amount of $500 one time per year to a student.

We believe that students who study the areas of Marketing, Business, IT or communication will be interested in this scholarship.

How to Apply

Write a well-researched, unique and relevant article on the topic of “Internet Marketing” to apply for our scholarship. Please answer the following question in your article: “How will Internet Marketing change in the next 10 years?”. The article must be 700 to 1,000-words. We will evaluate your article based on research value and creativity.

Application Details

Please send your application in an email to

Subject of email application: Vacuum Top Marketing Scholarship Submission – [Insert your name]

Example: Vacuum Top Marketing Scholarship Submission – Christine Hall

Body of your email:

1. Short biography

2. High resolution head shot

3. PDF file containing your article

4. Address and contact details

5. Name of school or institution

6. Proof of enrollment at your respective school or institution showing your name (College card, University card etc.)

Scholarship Deadlines and Award Dates

The submission deadline of the 2017 scholarship is December 10, 2017, and the winner will be announced on December 20, 2017.

The submission deadline of the 2018 scholarship is December 10, 2018, and the winner will be announced on December 20, 2018.

All submissions will be reviewed by us after the submission deadline and the winner of the scholarship will be announced on the given announcement date.

If you have any questions, please contact our scholarships department at

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