Bissell SpotBot Review 2018

Pet owners, listen up.

We want to share our Bissell SpotBot review with you because this little carpet cleaner was designed with you in mind.

In fact, anyone who needs a portable carpet cleaner to win the battle against dirt, grime and stains should have a read.

We tested the little SpotBot and wanted to share our results with you below.

Bissell SpotBot Pet – Portable Carpet Cleaner 33N8A

Overview Bissell Spotbot Review

Bissell has quite a few products to help you clean your carpeting, but one thing that sets them apart from other manufacturers is that they also have pet-specific products like this one.

The Bissel SpotBot Pet is not just designed to clean your carpet, but also to sanitize and combat the bacteria, mold and mildew that can grow in carpeting that has been soiled by pet stains.

Some of the best features include:

  • Hands-Free Spot and Stain Cleaner. Just place it over the stain, choose a clean cycle and let it clean.
  • Two cleaning cycles. One for surface stains and one for deeper, set-in stains.
  • It has a hose with upholstery attachment for fresh stains on your upholstered furniture, inside your car or on carpeted areas of your home (very handy for stairs).
  • It has a Deep Reach technology that shoots the cleaner deeper into the carpet, and then everything gets sucked back up and sent to the dirty water tank.

Bissell SpotBot Pet – Portable Carpet Cleaner 33N8A

Use it For...
Pet Stains
Cleaning Stairs
Regular Spot Cleaning

Who Uses the Machine the Most?

While this is a product that is designed to help pet owners, you can also use it for regular spot cleaning on your carpets.

  • Pet Owners. Rabbits, birds, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles. Urine, vomit, diarrhea or feces.

When you’re a pet owner, all of these above are possible! The great thing about Bissell SpotBot is how it combats the odor-causing bacteria that pet stains have.

Cat urine, for example, is particularly difficult to get rid of because of the uric acid it contains.

Using the SpotBot on stains like these (along with a special enzyme cleaner that will break down the uric acid) will help you eliminate them completely.

For any other stinky, smelly pet stain, this is a machine that is designed to prevent them from penetrating your carpet.

Anyone who is trying to house train a pet should have this on their “must-have” list!

  • Homeowners. Even if you don’t have pets, the SpotBot is still a great cleaning machine.

It penetrates stains and carpet fibers in order to lift everything out so it can be sucked away, and if you have trouble bending over or getting on your hands and knees, this is something that will do all of the hard work for you.

Handy for those with limited mobility who need a quick, easy way to effectively spot-clean their carpet.


This is an important thing to remember when you use the Bissell SpotBot, so make sure you read!

  • When you choose the auto clean cycle, this cleans a circular area on the floor. Since it is cleaning such a concentrated area, when you remove the machine you may see a ring that is a different color.

Don’t be alarmed! It just means that the SpotBot cleaned your carpet well, and has now revealed the dirt and grime in the carpet surrounding it.

If you don’t regularly clean your carpets, then this may leave noticeable clean spots around your floor. It’s definitely not the fault of the product, it is just the nature of cleaning concentrated areas of carpeting.

To avoid this, clean your entire carpet regularly (2-4 times a year) in order to ensure that the SpotBot doesn’t leave clean “rings” everywhere.

  • With all of that being said, it might be worth it for you to invest in a carpet comb or rake that will allow you to gently re-fluff the carpet that the SpotBot cleaned.

The Good & the Bad

In order to give you a proper Bissel SpotBot review, we need to focus on the good along with a little bit of the bad so you know what to expect when you purchase one.

  • Pros
    • It is very effective at removing not just pet stains, but pet odors, too. Many spot cleaners are designed to clean general spills and stains, but Bissell has taken it a step further in order to provide something that meets specific needs of pet owners.
    • The hands-free feature is great, especially for those who are sensitive to the strong smells of pet odors and cleaning agents. Set it on top of the stain, turn it on, and let it clean. It doesn’t get much easier than that!
    • Compact, portable and  easy to use on stairs or in the car.
    • Helps kill odor-causing bacteria.
    • The Spot cleaner area is wide (7-inch diameter).
  • Cons
    • The hose is short (only five feet long).
    • It is a bit heavy. This model weighs 14 pounds, which is a big difference from some of Bissell’s other carpet cleaners that weigh around 9-10 pounds.

Final Opinion

Our conclusion after trying out the spot was that it is a better purchase for pet owners. It does everything that you need in order to eliminate the tough stains and the tough odors that pets cause.

Regular homeowners, or those who need a carpet cleaner that deep cleans, will love that it does all of the work for you.

Be sure to read our tips above regarding “rings” so you avoid any bright spots on the carpet.

If you are a pet owner and need a deep cleaning tool on a regular basis, then this is worth the investment. You might find other general carpet cleaning models that cost slightly less, but they won’t clean as well as this does.

We hope that our honest Bissell SpotBot review will help you decide if this is the right carpet cleaner for your needs!

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