10 Best Steam Mops 2017

Best Steam MopAre you tired of mopping and cleaning floors every day? Do you find it time-consuming but not really effective? Yes, of course the answer is yes.

That is why buying a steam mop is the perfect solution. With steam mops, you don’t need any kind of detergent, only heat. And the best thing of all, your floors will not only be super clean, but also germ-free.

Having a germ-free environment is always a good thing, especially if you have children running around all day. In the article below you will find a selection of the best steam mops.

Things to Consider for Steam Mops

A steam mop is such a simple thing, but buying one is not a simple process, especially if you are a first time buyer. Whenever you’re about to purchase something for the very first time, you are always in the dark.

You don’t know what you need to look for in a product, what the usual price range is, or the qualities of a good appliance. However, you live and learn. There are several things you should think about before you decide to buy a steam mop so that when you decide what you want to go for, purchasing the right one will be easy.

You should consider:

  • The Size. Based on your needs, decide what size of steam mop you need.
  • The Type. You should determine whether you want the appliance that steams and sweeps at the same time, or if you just want normal steam mop.
  • The Price. Always stick to your budget and try to consider products that fit in that budget. That way it will be easier to decide what steam mop is the right one for you.
  • Purpose. Do you need the steam mop for hardwood floors only, or for your bathroom too? If you need a steam mop for several different kinds of flooring, then you have to purchase one with accessories to adapt to each floor.

Top 10 Steam Mops Overview Chart

PictureNameWeightDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWeightDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
1. Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop, Blue, 1940A (Same as 1940)9 lbsSteam mop Deep clean$$$4.5
2. Bissell Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T6 lbsTitanium, steam mop$$4.2
3. SteamFast SF-142 Multi-Surface Steam Mop4.6 lbsMulti-surface steam mop$4.0
4. Sienna Vibe Steam Mop3.2 lbsSteam mop$$3.9
5. Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner, Green Tea, 1867-78.4 lbsHard-floor steam mop$$$3.8
6. Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer, 313A7.5 lbsHard-surface floor steamer$$3.6
7. Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)6.5 lbsProfessional steam pocket mop$$$3.6
8. Dirt Devil Easy Steam Mop with Bonus Pads & Glide, PD20000B7.7 lbsSteam mop with bonus pads and glide$3.6
9. HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer6 lbsMultiple purpose floor steamer$$$$3.5
10. Shark Light & EasyTM Steam Mop (S3101)1 lbLight and easy steam mop$3.5

Buying Advice

If you narrowed down the search for the best steam mop, you’re finally ready to decide what you want and to make your purchase. We will offer some advice that you might find useful when buying this kind of appliance.

The Best Steam Mop includes:

  • Integrated Power Switch. Some steam mops do not have on/off switch so in order to start or stop it you have to plug it in. That is not practical.
  • A Very Long Power Cord. You don’t want to buy a steam mop with a short cord because you will not be able to reach certain areas in your home.
  • Big Water Tank. The bigger the tank, the longer it can clean. Steam mops that require constant refilling tend to be time-consuming.
  • Steam Control. The best steam mop comes with the option to control the amount of steam that comes out. Steam control is needed because not all surfaces are the same, and not all stains are equal.
  • Simplicity. The best steam mop is very easy to use and come with a swivel head, which allows you to easily move it around your furniture.

Top 5 Best Steam Mop Reviews

1. Bissell Powerfresh 1940A

Have you ever wanted a steam mop that works perfectly, doesn’t cost too much money and is easy to maintain? You have probably thought that a product with all of those features doesn’t exist. But you were wrong.

BISSELL’s steam mop is one of the best on the market. It is affordable and highly practical. It comes with a scrubber which turns over and is able to reach into crevices. It has advanced control of the steam, which means you have the control over the amount of steam that comes out.

You can set the amount of steam according to the surface you’re about to clean and the amount of mess on that surface. The low setting is for light messes, for everyday cleaning you should choose the medium setting, and the high setting is for a big mess hard to remove stain.

Another benefit of this steam mop is the fragranced discs that are integrated into the mop pads, which make your area have the spring smell that everybody loves. This steam mop not only it disinfects and cleans, but it also leaves a wonderful scent in the room.

The tank is removable and is easy to fill. The mop head is low and is able to clean under furniture and in other hard to reach places.
This product is highly practical, as confirmed by users who have already tried it. It definitely pays off to purchase it, which is why it is our number one suggestion.

2. Bissell Titanium 94E9T

If you wanted to purchase a steam mop that is practical but also has a sophisticated look, then BISSELL’s titanium steam mop would be the right choice for you.

This steam mop contains two microfiber mop pads which are triangle-shaped and easily washable. Each microfiber mop pad has a different function. One is soft, and is meant to clean and polish, while the other one comes with integrated scrubbing strips.

With BISSELL’s steam mop you only need tap water in order to clean your apartment or house. It does not require any chemicals; the steam kills bacteria, which is great if you have children.

The water tank is removable which means you can take it off and refill it, instead of filling a cup with water and then pouring it in the tank.

The appliance comes with a steam trigger that allows you to control the amount of steam that comes out. There is no pumping or any manual work.

This steam mop is lightweight and easy to carry up and down the stairs. With this product you can clean your living room, kitchen or bathroom.

This steam mop is highly practical and perfect for everyday use.

3. SteamFast SF-142

If you decided you would only spend a certain amount of money on your steam mop and not penny more, then you probably thought it would be impossible to find an affordable and effective steam mop.

However, we have found it, and the SteamFast SF-142 steam mop really is effective. The steam is automatic, which means you do not need to manually pump the steam to make it come out. You don’t need to do anything manually, after all, there should be a difference between this and the cleaning you do with ordinary mops.

The SteamFast has an on and off switch that is foot-operated, which is a great thing. You don’t have to plug or unplug the appliance all the time.

This steam mop doesn’t require any chemicals, and all that is needed for cleaning is water. Your floors will be clean and disinfected at the same time.

The pole is adjustable, and can be fitted to your height. Also, the cord management is integrated in the SteamFast vacuum cleaner.

The best thing of all is that with this product, you aren’t only able to clean linoleum and tile floors, but also low pile carpets with the carpet glider accessory.

If you’re looking for a simple and practical appliance, you won’t go wrong with this one.

4. Sienna Vibe Steam Mop

If you already have a steam mop but it takes a long time to dry after you clean the surface, then you might consider buying the Sienna Vibe Steam mop.

The product has a steam stop mode which prevents steam emission when you place it in the upright locked position. That means, if you’re phone is ringing while you’re cleaning your living room, prior to answering you can just place this steam mop upright and it will stop releasing steam.

The Sienna Vibe steam mop comes with two reusable microfiber pads. The pads are easy to clean and you do not have to spend extra time and money looking for and buying pads that will fit your steam mop.

This appliance has a triangular head that can turn 180 degrees and reach absolutely every area for optimal cleaning results. This steam mop does not require any chemicals for cleaning, only water.

This steam mop offers full service to your house; it cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes all places in your home. It saves time, money, and energy. Plus, it comes with a carpet glider accessory which means that from now on, you will be able to fully clean and sanitize your carpets too.

The only shortcoming of this steam mop is the short cord; despite this, the appliance is worth every penny. It is affordable and highly effective. If you have a limited budget, this will fit perfectly in your price range.

5. Bissell Steam Mop 1867-7

The last product on our list is BISSELL’s hard-floor steam mop. This product is affordable and effective at the same time.

This steam mop does not need any chemicals in order to completely clean and sanitize your home. It only needs hot water, which means you will save money you’d usually spend on various floor-cleaning products.

The appliance’s head is flexible and can turn in every direction. Furniture, wall angles, and hard to reach places will no longer get in the way of cleaning your home. BISSELL’s steam mop easily swivels around furniture and can successfully clean every corner of your home.

The steam mop made by BISSELL is easy to set up and use. There are no unnecessary complications and the steam mop is able to clean every kind of hard floor – ceramic, tile, hardwood, and bamboo.

BISSELL’s steam mop is also very low maintenance. The only thing you have to do is to take the pad off the steam mop’s head and wash it with the rest of your laundry. A great benefit of this steam mop is that after you are done cleaning and sanitizing your home, the floors will be dry almost instantly.

If you’re on a limited budget and want a quality steam mop to clean and sanitize your home, this is the right product for you.

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