10 Best Norwex Products 2018

Norwex is a well-known brand in the natural cleaning world.

Their dedication to lower the use of chemicals and harmful substances in the home has made them the go-to manufacturer of products that we use on a daily basis to wash our clothing, mop our floors, clean our windows and dry our dishes.

While they do have an excellent lineup of products available, some of them stand out above the rest.

We will highlight the 10 best Norwex products in our guide and provide you with detailed reviews of our three favorite products. Read on to see which ones our experts felt were worth the purchase!

Top 10 Norwex Products Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry DetergentLaundry Detergent$$4.8
2. Norwex Antibacterial, Antimicrobial Microfiber Window Polishing ClothWindow Cloth$$$4.6
3. Norwex Cleaning PasteCleaner$$$$4.3
4. Norwex Kitchen Scrub ClothScrub Cloth$$$4.4
5. Norwex Rubber BrushBrush$$$4.4
6. Norwex Enviro ClothCloth$$4.3
7. Norwex Dishwashing LiquidDishwashing Liquid$$$$4.3
8. Norwex Large Tile Mop PadMop Pad$$$$4.1
9. Norwex Spirisponge Scrubber SpongeScrubber Sponges$$3.9
10. Norwex - Fluff and Tumble Dryer BallsDryer Balls$$$$3.9

The Main Types of Norwex Products

We created a shortlist of the best Norwex products for use around the home. Those of you familiar with the brand know how popular the cloths are, but there are also a few other products that are worth investing in if you really want to get your money’s worth.

  • Cloths. When it comes to the microfiber cloths, you’ll see the term “BacLock” mentioned quite a bit. What they have done is combined an antibacterial silver-based agent with the microfiber that helps inhibit odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. It basically purifies itself after you use it, which is so unique!

The Rubber Brush is great for removing hair, crumbs, dust, and lint from a variety of surfaces, and we really do mean a variety. From furniture to carpeting, clothing to curtains, use it to spot clean rather than relying on the vacuum cleaner.

Choose a Product You’ll Actually Use

The different cleaning cloths from Norwex are by far the most useful, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy them.

Think about your current cleaning tools and see what’s missing. Would you like something to use all over the house, on the flooring, in the bathroom or kitchen? Do you need something for laundry, for washing dishes or spot cleaning?

Norwex has something for every household cleaning task, so if our top three products aren’t really in line with your cleaning needs, then be sure to check out the other seven products in our table.

They’re all worth the investment, even if they are more expensive than regular cleaning products!

Top 3 Best Norwex Products Reviews

1. Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent

One of the best Norwex products just happens to be their laundry detergent. We love their cleaning cloths as much as you do and will look at their window cloth next, but their laundry detergent is simply awesome.

As a highly concentrated formula, you won’t need very much of it per laundry load to get everything clean. The formula doesn’t contain any phosphates or fillers, and you can use it in both HE washer and regular washing machines (don’t think you need a special appliance to be able to use it).

It is safe for use on white and colors, and both will be bright and clean after each load.

Don’t be deterred by the price; the fact that you only need very little product per load means this will last a long time, so you won’t have to buy another for a while.

Great for families both large and small, especially for those with sensitive skin!

2. Norwex Window Cloth

The next little Norwex gem is the window cloth. We’ve already explained the power of the antibacterial silver agent they use together with the microfiber, so you know how sanitary it is to use.

This cloth measures 17 inches by 17 inches and can be used on a variety of surfaces (not just windows). Use it on your mirrors, on shower doors and walls, granite countertops, chrome surfaces, brushed and stainless steel surfaces and on crystal.

Using it is simple and follows the same rules as the rest of the cleaning cloths that Norwex produces: just rinse it with hot water after every use and scrub the fibers against themselves to remove large debris. Wring it out (squeeze hard) twice to make sure you get all of the water out and then hang it up to dry.

You’ll never have another streaky window in your home or on your vehicle again.

3. Norwex Cleaning Paste

We should start by mentioning that you should NOT use this product on brass and silver. It is not intended for those materials.

For cleaning and polishing chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, and porcelain, on the other hand, this product works wonders.

We like it for cleaning the coffee pot and love how sparkly it helps get glasses after they’ve been rinsed. Anyone with stainless steel appliances in the home will also love how well it cleans.

The recommend using the Norwex Enviro Cloth with it (it needs to be damp), and while you may be tempted to just use a cheaper cloth that you picked up at the dollar store, we can assure that it’s worth the investment. The cleaning results are way better if you pair the paste with that cloth.

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