6 Best Central Vacuum Systems 2017

Best Central Vacuum SystemMaintaining cleanliness at home, in the office, or anywhere else for that matter, will always be a priority since a tidy home area or workspace is sure to provide a good first impression for clients and visitors alike.

A great aid to tough cleaning jobs is a central vacuum cleaner. Central vacuum cleaners outperform any bagless or upright-type vacuum cleaners, primarily because of their suction power. This is the preferred cleaning system for many buildings and homes because of its low acoustic noise, durability, and capability to deal with difficult-to-clean debris. This guide is here to help you find the overall best central vacuum system.

Buying Considerations

Buyers looking to purchase a central vacuum system have to keep two primary considerations in mind when deciding on their purchase.

  • Cost. The cost of a central vacuum system is significantly higher than that of a compact vacuum cleaner. The higher power capacity and many accessories of this cleaning system are far more intricate and voluminous as opposed to the simplicity of upright or canister vacuum units. So consider whether you are willing to shell out more money for this type of system.
  • Power Unit. If you already have your heart set on purchasing a central vacuum system, remember that the core of this tool is the power unit. This component is responsible for all the sucking force generated by the system. This force is technically known as waterlift.

When making the decision to purchase, make sure that you note the manufacturer’s declared waterlift value in inches. This can usually be found on the specification sheet. A value ranging from 105 to 120 inches indicates that a home measuring 2,500 square feet can effectively be cleaned. If your home is smaller, you can purchase a less expensive system because a lower waterlift value would be sufficient.

Top Central Vacuum Systems Overview

PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
1. Dust Care DCC-2000C Quiet Series Central Vacuum SystemCentral Vacuum System$$5.0
2. Hoover Platinum Central Vacuum System, S5729080Central Vacuum System$$$$5.0
3. H-P Products 9614 Black All-in-One Central Vacuum SystemAll-in-One Central Vacuum System$4.8
4. Allegro MU4500 Champion 6,000 Square Feet Central Vacuum Power UnitCentral Vacuum Power Unit$$$4.8
5. Honeywell 4B-H703 Central Vacuum System Power UnitCentral Vacuum System$$$$$4.6
6. Electrolux 4B-H403 Honeywell Central Vacuum System Power UnitCentral Vacuum System Power Unit$$4.3

3 Best Central Vacuum Systems Reviews

1. Dust Care DCC-2000C

The Dust Care DCC-2000C is one of the widely recommended central vacuum units for homes that never had or will be replacing their existing central vacuum. This American-made unit is extremely durable, with the price tag that is not overboard. Its powerful motor can cover up to 9,000 square feet of cleaning area, which is bigger than most homes and confirms the suction power it can deliver. The DCC- 2000C is one of the central vacuums that operate quietly with just 71 decibels. Thus, vacuuming will never be as distracting as ever, and makes it less of a chore to do.

The unit ensures easy installation, easy operation, quick emptying mechanism, and cleanup is a breeze. Compared to other central vacuum units, you’ll have peace of mind because you are protected with a seven-year quality warranty. That alone ensures extended serviceable years without worrying from extra costs from repairs or replacements.

2. Hoover Platinum S5729080

Hoover Platinum S5729080 is a Canadian-made central vacuum unit. It provides a cleaner and more breathable home and environment by removing germs, dirt, pollen, dust, and mites to a location that is outside the living area. The Hoover system is known to increase the value of any accommodation, as the brand is well-recognized because of its known durability and cleaning efficiency. Having a central vacuum unit like the Hoover Platinum S5729080 not only keeps your home clean, but it also protects you from possible illnesses that can be prevented if you have a good cleaning system installed to keep those airborne allergens away.

Made of high-quality steel and a powerful 12-Amp motor, it comes with a complete tool and installation kit for easy assembly. The six-gallon capacity can accommodate even the heaviest cleaning jobs with ease. Its solid construction and simple mechanism gives you several years of worry-free experience.

3. H-P 9614 Black All-in-One

The H-P 9614 is a powerful and convenient central vacuum system is a powerful and versatile solution that removes the need for mops, brooms, and dustpans when cleaning your home or office. The power unit can be strategically installed under seats, closets, and storage compartments to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the area. This removes the need for additional upright vacuums that are bulky and cannot reach tight spaces.

This central vacuum unit is generously-packaged, and the instruction manual as well as installation process is not much of a hassle. It is highly-recommended for smaller homes that have a tighter budget, but would like to have the suction power of its more expensive counterparts that are designed for bigger homes.

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