10 Best Carpet Sweepers 2017

Best Carpet SweeperWe all know how great it is to vacuum carpets for a really deep clean feel. There are times when you just need to go over them quickly – you just don’t have the time to get the vacuum out between regular cleaning and guests arriving. This is when a carpet sweeper is the ideal solution.

There are times when an unexpected call brings unexpected guests, and even when you have vacuumed earlier in the day, the carpets don’t look as clean as you would like. This is particularly true if you have a large family and/or pets. Other times you drop things on the carpets that you quickly want to clean up.

When considering a quick clean, finding the best carpet sweeper is the ideal alternative to dragging out the regular vacuum cleaner again.

Why Buy a Carpet Sweeper?

  • Great for messy pets. If you have a dog or cat which sheds its hair all over the carpet, this can be a major headache. The obvious way to keep carpets hair free is to vacuum regularly, but this can mean several times per day! Having a carpet sweeper will help to keep the pet hair to a minimum and save time getting the vacuum out.
  • Safe around young children. We all know how small children can be, when they are crawling and learning to walk they spend most of their time on the floor. How is it that a baby can find the tiniest speck of dirt that we cannot see? The first thing they do with this speck is to test how tasty it is! Regular vacuuming works wonders but you have enough to do with enjoying the time with your little one, a carpet sweeper is the best answer to the problem. It is quick and easy to get the specks out of the carpet and can be used with the baby around.
  • Reduces the frequency of vacuuming. Although a carpet sweeper will not suck all of the deep down dirt out of the vacuum, it will help to keep your carpets looking clean.
  • Perfect for when time is short. When you get home from work the last thing you want to be doing is getting the vacuum out and spending an hour or more cleaning the house. The same applies to when you have unexpected guests arriving. A quick sweep with the carpet sweeper and your house looks clean and tidy again in a far shorter time than with the vacuum.

Top 10 Best Carpet Sweepers Ultimate Chart

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Rubbermaid Commercial Prod. 421288BK Floor/Carpet Sweeper$$$$4.4
2. BISSELL Natural Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper, 92N0A (same as 92N0)$$4.3
3. Fuller Brush Co. Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper$$$4.2
4. BISSELL Swift Sweep Sweeper, 2201B$$4.1
5. Ontel Swivel Sweeper MAX$$4.1
6. Rubbermaid Commercial 421288B Executive Series Galvanized Steel Floor and Carpet Sweeper$$4.1
7. Leifheit 11410 Classic Manual Rotaro Carpet Sweeper with Natural Brushes$$$4.1
8. Winco FSW-11 Steel Carpet/Floor Sweeper$4.1
9. Oreck Restaurateur Floor Sweeper 12.5$$$4.0
10. Shark 10 Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper (V2930)$$4.0

Things to Think About for Carpet Sweepers

When it comes to a carpet sweeper, there is not really much that needs to be considered, this is largely due to the fact that there is no power cable, motor or anything which might be restrictive when in use.

This means that the only things to consider is which manufacturer you choose to trust and how much you want to spend on your carpet sweeper. The other things to think about are the types of brushes in the sweeper and the size of the sweeper itself.

Top 5 Best Carpet Sweeper Reviews

1. Rubbermaid 421288BK

Rubbermaid make a selection of cleaning products for both the home and commercial use so it is no surprise that they are number 1 in our chart. While they manufacture a range of domestic carpet sweepers, their commercial sweeper is also available for domestic purchase.

The commercial carpet sweeper provides a quick cleaning solution for all types of floor in very little time. Assembly is very easy, simply attach the handle and the sweeper is ready to go. With a low profile, the carpet sweeper is able to get under beds and most other types of furniture for a thorough sweep.

Picking up most types of dirt including bird seed and pet hair, the Rubbermaid commercial carpet sweeper is perfect for pet owners and parents alike. The perfect sweeper for instant cleanup when the little ones are playing on the floor, preventing them from finding all sorts of tasty tiny dirt.

The rotating brushes are made of natural boar bristles and a handy little brush is included to remove fluff and pet hair from the brushes. The dirt trap is easy to remove, clean and replace before storing the carpet sweeper.

The Rubbermaid carpet sweeper weighs less than a new born bay at just 3.5 pounds which means this carpet sweeper is perfect for a quick clean up anywhere around the house. Although this is not the cheapest option in our list, it is a great buy for the price.

2. Bissell Dual Brush 92N0A

Bissell are synonymous with carpet cleaning and they have made their mark in the top 10 carpet sweeping chart at number 2. The sweeper arrives with a screw together handle, which is an improvement on previous models, and is assembled in next to no time.

With two brushes and two dirt pans, the Bissell dual brush sweeper picks up dirt, pet hair, fluff and almost anything else which it comes across on both the forward and backward motion, this makes cleaning even faster than with other carpet sweepers. The dual brushes are of different lengths which assists in the transition from carpet or rugs to hard floors.

The dirt traps are easy to empty and clean and the handle remains in an upright position so you can walk away knowing it won’t fall over, this also makes it easy to store away. The Bissell is slightly heavier than the Rubbermaid, but still only weighs 3.8 pounds and with a 4 inch height clearance it is easy to maneuver under beds and furniture.

Carpet cleaners are environmentally friendly as they use no electricity, Bissell have gone one step further and used recycled materials for some of the parts on this carpet sweeper. There are also no parts which need to be routinely placed and no PVC used in the manufacture of the sweeper.

Based on performance, the Bissell dual brush carpet sweeper is only slightly behind the Rubbermaid but it is considerably cheaper. Is it as good as the Rubbermaid? We think it just might be, and it is good for the environment too.

3. Fuller Brush Carpet Sweeper

Fuller Brush have been manufacturing carpet cleaners for many years and have many loyal customers, this is of little surprise when you think about how their products stand the test of time.

The Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper is no exception, its lightweight design and low height profile makes it easy to clean all around the home, including under furniture. Designed to use on all types of flooring including carpet, linoleum and hardwood, the electrostatic carpet sweeper has the ability to pick up almost anything, including pet hair, dust and crumbs. It has been said that this sweeper works less well on hard flooring than on carpet.

There is an optional extra brush roller which is designed to make sweeping hard floors easier, with the rollers able to be removed by gently pulling the casing apart at the axle points. This feature also makes it easier to use the brush comb to clean the natural fibers of the brushes.

Overall, this is not a bad little carpet sweeper, but is definitely not one of the best considering the price.

4. Bissell Swift Sweeper

Another offering from the cleaning giants that are Bissell. At number 3 in our chart, the Swift Sweep Sweeper does most of the little clean ups in between vacuuming. Designed for all types of flooring from ceramic tiles, through hardwood to carpet, it is a little disappointing when it comes to the first two.

Despite its disappointing performance on hard floors, the swift sweep does do rather well on carpets, so it will save you having to get the vacuum out as often. The swift sweep it constructed with a metal casing, making it robust, and includes a rubber bumper to protect your furniture from knocks and scratches.

The Swift Sweep sweeper is easy to assemble and is lightweight at only 3.5 pounds. Not the best carpet sweeper and doesn’t always do the job it was intended for, but it is good for the carpets.

5. Swivel Sweeper Max

This is the first sweeper in our top 10 which is battery operated. The battery is rechargeable over an 8 hour period and gives enough time to clean where needed. The sweeper has rotating brushes at the corners which help to clean right to the base boards of the room and is efficient enough to pick up pet hair.

This is another sweeper which lacks in the hard floor area, which is somewhat disappointing considering it has the added power of the battery. The sweeper itself is small enough to reach under furniture and has easy to open dirt traps and removable brush roller for easy cleaning.

The Ontel Swivel Sweeper MAX is lightweight at only 2.5pounds however this is certainly not one of the top sweepers for the price.

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