Best Carpet Cleaner 2017: The Complete Guide

best carpet cleaner 2Carpets are great for keeping your floors warm and cozy, but they are subjected to some terrible things. Shoes walking all over them, the dog and his muddy paws, children and spilt drinks and that is before you have a party! When you have carpets and a busy house, the best carpet cleaner is a must have item. Although having separate machines to vacuum and clean, buying a carpet shampooer will save you time and money in the long run.

With so much variety, knowing which type of carpet cleaner to buy is just one hurdle, finding the best carpet cleaner is something else. We take a look at the best carpet shampooers available. Steam cleaners and handhelds will be covered in other guides.

Things to Consider for Carpet Cleaners

A new carpet cleaner is usually something which you rely on, especially around the important times of the year like Thanksgiving and Christmas. With the family coming to stay, having nice clean carpets makes the best impression and allows you to enjoy the holiday season worry free. What are the most important things you should think about before making a purchase?

  • The size of your rooms and carpets. This is often an important factor when buying a machine like this. You will need a cleaner which will do the job in the shortest time possible, leaving you more time to do the things you enjoy.
  • The color of your carpets. The color of your carpet is likely to determine how often you will need to clean it, the lighter the carpet the more frequently it will need to be cleaned.
  • How busy your house is. It stands to reason that the more people you have walking through your house the dirtier the carpet is going to get, but there is another reason for considering this when choosing the best carpet cleaner for your home. If you have a very busy household, with people coming and going all day the time it takes for the carpets to dry could become a deciding factor. Wet carpets will attract dirt more quickly, unless you can stop people walking on the carpets until they are dry you will need a cleaner which leaves the carpets almost dry.
  • If you have pets. Pets are often considered a part of the family, and so they should be. This means that your pet often has access to every part of the house and every carpet as well. Unless you have trained your dog or cat to wipe their paws as they enter the house, there is a good chance that they walk mud and dirt in every day. This is not the only problem with pets, they also shed hair! Finding pet hair everywhere can be frustrating, even vacuuming doesn’t always solve the problem and this is why many carpet cleaning manufacturers now make products specifically designed to remove the maximum amount of pet hair from your carpets. This is not the only reason to consider this, many carpet cleaners can become clogged with pet hair if it is not specifically designed for the job.

Top 10 Carpet Cleaners Overview Chart

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Bissell Big Green Professional Cleaning Machine$$$$4.8
2. Bissell Pro Heat Premier Full size Cleaner $$4.6
3. Hoover Deluxe Carpet Washer$4.5
4. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Pack$$$$4.5
5. Bissell Deep Clean Premier Cleaner$$4.4
6. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner$$$4.4
7. Bissell Deep Clean Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner$$4.4
8. Bissell Deep clean Essential Cleaner $4.2
9. Hoover Extract All Terrain Carpet cleaner$$$3.9
10. Hoover Max Extract Pressure Cleaner$3.8

Buying Information

We do our best to bring you the most helpful information for when you are ready to buy a product, ultimately the decision of which to buy is entirely yours and should be made according to your individual needs. Some important things to consider before you purchase a carpet shampooer include:

  • Room Size. Having large rooms often means large areas of carpet to clean, if this is the case then a more robust machine is likely to be the better purchase. Not only will it last longer but will also save you money through not having to buy more frequent replacements. This also means that you should never be left without a carpet cleaner when you need it most.
  • Cord Length. A triviality for some, a major problem for others. Having the right length of power cord means less time unplugging and plugging in and more time cleaning. It also means less frustration for you when changing plug sockets means moving furniture out of the way.
  • Tank Capacity. This is especially important if you have large rooms to clean, there is nothing worse than having to frequently refill and empty water tanks especially if you have nearly finished the room. Having a large capacity tank means more cleaning with less refilling but it can also mean that the tank is a little heavy when full. It is sometimes a case of compromise, especially if you have back problems or other health issues affecting how much weight you can safely carry.
  • Pets. Although this has been mentioned earlier, it is worth reiterating. If you have pets then it is worth investing in carpet cleaning machine which are designed for pets. These machines are made to pick up the maximum amount of pet hair from your carpets but they also remove pet odors more effectively. There is nothing worse than walking in to your house and it smelling of damp dog, but remember it’s not the dog’s fault.
  • Weight of the Carpet Cleaner. While this might not be a big problem for most people, for some the weight of the machine could be an issue if you cannot move it when it is full. The empty weight could also be a problem if you need to carry it up the stairs.

5 Best Carpet Cleaners Reviews

1. Bissell Big Green

The Bissell Big Green machine is exactly as described, it is big and it is green. It is also one of the most powerful carpet cleaners available. One of the biggest carpet cleaning companies in the world, Bissell is synonymous with clean carpets everywhere.

The Big Green machine is a professional standard cleaner giving professional results at home. Some of the best features of the Bissell Big Green Professional Cleaning Machine include:

  • Separate tanks for cleaning solution and dirty water, making emptying the machine quick and easy.
  • Adjustable handle, making cleaning your carpets more comfortable and less like hard work.
  • Extendable hose with attachments for stairs and upholstery.
  • Rotating brushes for a deep down clean, comparable with leading industrial cleaners.
  • Powerful suction to leave your carpets dry in only a few hours, ideal for busy households.
  • Extra-long power cord, reduces time wasted due to unplugging and pugging in the cleaner for large rooms and hallways.
  • Two handed operation using a ‘rowing motion’ making cleaning the carpets easier on the back by reducing the twisting motion of single handed cleaners.

Although the Big Green machine is a little bulky, it does need to be in order to do the job as effectively as it does. The machine is ready to use from the box as it even comes with a small bottle of detergent.

The cleaning power of the Bissell Big Green Machine is such that it removes stains from pet urine effectively, there is a good chance that you will be surprised at just how much dirt is contained in your carpets.

2. Bissell Pro Heat Premier

As if to prove that Bissell dominate the domestic carpet cleaning market, our number two in the chart is also a Bissell. The Pro Heat Premier is a full sized cleaner with the added boost of heated water for cleaning. This not only helps to get the carpets cleaner, it also assists to reduce the drying time. The other features of the Pro Heat Premier include:

  • Surround Suction for faster drying times, the full width of the machine benefits from the suction provided, reducing the wet lines at the sides of the machine.
  • A large capacity 2-in-1 tank makes cleaning carpets faster with less down time for refilling and emptying.
  • 10 rows of power driven brushes to get deep down in to the fibers of your carpet for effective cleaning.
  • Hose and crevice/upholstery tool for a completely clean house. Great for stairs and hard to reach areas as well as the couch.
  • Constant heated water with Heatwave Technology to not only get your carpets extra clean but to also speed up the drying process.
  • Single tank for easier filling and emptying. The tank contains a bladder, which holds the cleaning water, as the water is used the bladder shrinks to allow room for the dirty water around it. No more trying to carry two tanks when emptying and filling.

This is a great machine to use when a deep clean is required, leaving your carpets not only clean but also fluffy and soft. The Pro Heat Premier has a single handle, much like a vacuum cleaner, making it easy to use all around the home. The 10 rows of brushes help to remove stubborn dirt and stains by getting between the fibers of your carpet without causing damage, fluffing as it cleans to help restore the original pile.

This is a great carpet shampooer for the home at a fantastic price.

3. Hoover Deluxe Carpet Washer

The Hoover Deluxe Carpet Washer is third on our list, while this is a great machine from a reputable manufacturer, it doesn’t quite match the top 2 machines. The good points include:

  • Separate tanks for clean water, dirty water and cleaning solution. Some people do not like to have separate tanks as it can make filling and emptying a bit of a juggling act, but others prefer it, the choice is yours as there are benefits to both tank systems.
  • Adjustable detergent switch, allowing you to rinse the carpet after cleaning. While some might find this just an extra job to do, it is a benefit to remove as much detergent from the clean carpet as possible. It can act like a magnet to dirt, meaning more frequent cleaning is needed.
  • Light weight design makes carrying up stairs easy so you can clean the whole house in no time.
  • Forced Heat air helps to speed up the drying time of the carpet, great for busy households. Some of the not so good points are
  • Rotating spin brushes work fairly well, but it has been noted that these types of brushes can ‘clump’ the carpet fibers together making your carpet look patchy and bobbly.
  • The cleaner has a powered hand tool with a rotating brush, while this will help to clean the stairs and upholstery, it is powered by the air which creates the suction. This reduces the power of the suction somewhat, leaving the carpet or upholstery wetter than it should be.

Although this is not the very best carpet cleaner it does do what it should, cleaning your carpets for less than the cost of a professional company.

4. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro

Rug Doctor are another brand which specialize in carpet cleaning machines, Rug Doctor machines are often available to hire. The Mighty Pro pack has everything you need to get started, including a bottle of cleaning solution, hose with upholstery/stair tool and a spot cleaner for pet urine stains.

This Rug Doctor is not an upright machine and is not designed to look like a vacuum cleaner in any way. The design of the machine is somewhat cumbersome which makes it a little heavier to maneuver and it is heavier than other carpet cleaners.

The cleaning ability of the Rug Doctor is no better than any of the top 3 machines, however the price is considerably more expensive. If you want clean carpets, there are cheaper alternatives to this machine.

5. Bissell Deep Clean Premier

Bissell have dominated the top of our chart, taking 3 of the top 5 spots. The Bissell Deep Clean Premier promises really deep down cleaning power, but doesn’t quite get deep enough. While the main machine works reasonable well, the stair tool does not. The suction for the stair tool is impeded by the fact that it makes the brush spin and therefore some force is needed on the tool to get the water sucked out of the carpet.

Although this machine is designed for pet owners, the hair trap does not seem to be as efficient as it could be which could result in hair getting in to the motor.

Not a bad machine overall, but not the best from Bissell and not the best carpet shampooer in our chart.

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