10 Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners 2018

Best Canister VacuumsHaving a spotless home is definitely an ideal for any household. A tidy room goes a long way in providing relaxation to the home occupants and in making guests and visitors feel comfortable and welcome. A clean home definitely leaves a great impression!

Canister Vacuums, also called Cylinder Vacuums, are considered as a staple household machine. With varying models, sizes, and colors, canister vacuums have evolved to fit the needs of the modern household. The features also vary from multiple tools, to hypoallergenic filters, to ultra-portability form factor. Thus, it might take you all day just to select what you think is the best canister vacuum cleaner for you.

Buying Considerations

There are numerous factors to be considered when selecting the best canister vacuum cleaner. The budget, the actual need, and bonus features are some of many things that will affect your choice. But we will only focus on six considerations: cost, size and portability, amps, attachments, added features, and warranty.

  • Cost. The range of is quite diverse in searching for the best canister vacuum cleaner. You can buy a unit for as low as around $50, but the ones at the other end of the spectrum can go for as much as $400.00 or even higher. You should have a clear budget margin before selecting and comparing units to avoid overspending and for you not to end up breaking the bank by wasting cash that can be used for something else.
  • Size and Portability. There are canister vacuums that can be carried like a small bag. Others require a little bit of effort to transfer from one place to another because of their large size and weight. These aspects should also be considered in conjunction with what you actually need. Will your house benefit from a canister vacuum that is small enough to go and clean the nooks and crannies of the rooms? Or would you be needing a bigger unit to tackle the long carpeted hallways and bare floors?
  • Amps. Most prospective vacuum buyers will be sorely tempted to purchase a model that has the highest value for amps, watts, or horsepower on the spec sheet. However, higher values do not necessarily equate to better cleaning efficiency.The values reflected on the spec sheet are merely measurements of the electrical current that is consumed by the motor. Remember that the performance of a vacuum cleaner is dependent on airflow, the level of suction produced, as well other factors, such as the general design and available attachments.
  • Attachments. Vacuum cleaners usually come with a variety of attachments. The attachment that you would need to use depends on the surface that you will be cleaning. When you are planning to vacuum pile carpets and rugs, a motorized power nozzle should be used. Meanwhile, bare floors and walls could benefit from the use of the wall or floor brush for maximum effect.To eliminate dust from drawers, heating and air-conditioning vents, as well as under large appliances, you can try using the crevice tool. For cloth materials and car interiors, the upholstery attachment can be used. Finally, dust can be removed from blinds, lampshades, and moldings with the use of the dusting brush.
  • Added Features. Because of the huge consumer audience for canister vacuums, some manufacturers include additional features and even bonus contraptions to make the package more appealing to customers. Packages may include additional nozzles, a spare hose, filters, and the like. There are also add-on features, such as automatic cord rewind, warning indicator, or conveniently placed buttons for ease of use.
  • Warranty. No matter how careful or hardcore you are as a user, warranty is something that cannot be left unnoticed. Warranty provides peace of mind for vacuum cleaner owners. In cases of breakdown, the unit can be returned for repair and or replacement. In general, warranties range from one year up to an extended warranty period of up to seven years.

Top 10 Canister Vacuums Overview Chart

PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameDescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
1. Miele S6270 Quartz Canister Vacuum CleanerCanister Vacuum$$$$4.7
2. Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, Purple, 4122Bagged Canister Vacuum$4.5
3. Electrolux Ergospace Bagged Canister Vacuum, EL4103ABagged Canister Vacuum$$$4.5
4. Oreck Super-Deluxe Compact Canister Vacuum CleanerCompact Canister Vacuum$$4.3
5. Eureka AirExcel Compact No Loss of Suction Canister Vacuum, 990ACanister Vacuum$4.2
6. NEW ProLux Stealth))) Quiet HEPA Sealed Canister VacuumQuiet HEPA Sealed Canister Vacuum$$$4.1
7. Panasonic MC-CG937 "OptiFlow" Canister Vacuum CleanerCanister Vacuum$$$$4.1
8. Hoover Quiet Performance Bagged Canister Vacuum, SH30050Bagged Canister Vacuum$$$4.1
9. Kenmore Elite Intuition Canister Vacuum Cleaner 21814Canister Vacuum$$$$$4.0
10. Dyson DC39 Multi floor canister vacuum cleaner - ClearanceCanister Vacuum$$$$3.9

From the top ten best canister vacuum cleaners, we were able to review the top five carefully. We determined what the outstanding features were and why consumers are raving about these products. The short product description includes the list price and the product rating.

5 Best Canister Vacuums Reviews

1. Miele S6270 Quartz

One of the best features of this vacuum cleaner that makes cleaning less stressful is its whisper-quiet performance. With its lightweight design and a 33-foot cleaning radius, it can clean surfaces with ease thanks to the AllTeQ combination floor tool, which is its specially designed primary brush that you can use on all surfaces.

Consumers prefer the Miele S6270 because of its design and functionality, and although it is one of the most expensive vacuum cleaner models in our list, this German-engineered cleaning machine is packed with an extended 7-year warranty on both casing and motor. This warranty saves you from worrying that it will breakdown after a short while.

This model has a very light body and a long cord. If you need to carry it up the stairs or from room to room, you don’t need to worry about breaking a sweat because of its reasonable weight. The metal wand, when fully extended, can reach up to 4 feet. This additional length enables you to reach narrower areas of the house without have to squeeze through your furniture.

With this model’s fabulous floor tool, you need not worry about scratching your hardwood floors. Talk about powerful but gentle cleaning. Will all its merits, this model is a definite must-buy.

2. Bissell Zing 4122

The greatest selling point of this vacuum really is that it is one of the least expensive vacuum cleaners in this group, so homeowners looking to save a quick buck can opt to purchase this model. The best part is that despite its low reasonable price, the Bissell Zing still serves its purpose as an effective cleaning machine.

This model is equipped with a powerful suction system that removes the dirt from all surfaces, from the floors to the stairs and to the sills. The multi-surface cleaning functionality facilitates the vacuuming of carpets and hard floors with just a quick flip of a switch.

This vacuum also has a compact and lightweight structure, weighing in at only about 5 pounds. It also has a convenient handle that allows you to carry it from one area to another. The cord is approximately 16 feet long and the hose is about 5 feet. This would allow you to clean even the largest rooms without switching to another power outlet.

Additional features include a telescopic wand, variable suction control, automatic cord rewind, and a full bag indicator. Although this is not the best for cleaning pet hair and other deep-seated dirt from carpets because of the lack of a rotating head, its value for money still makes it a great option.

3. Electrolux Ergospace EL4103A

The simple conveniences provided by this reasonably priced vacuum cleaner make this model one of the most favored by consumers. Its 3-in-1 combination tools can be adjusted depending on what needs to be cleaned. So if some parts of your home have hardwood floors while other parts are carpeted, this vacuum will give you the simple convenience of being able to clean both surfaces.

Crevices, flat surfaces, and stairs present no problem for this model. The hose is more than 9 feet long and has a hose wrap system, and it has a 21-foot cord that can be neatly stored with the help of its cord rewind. The sheer lengths of these components ensure that bigger rooms will present no problems.

This model is among the heavier ones in this group, weighing in at more than 10 pounds, but it can still be manageably carried and maneuvered. However, if your home extensively has deep-pile carpeting and rugs, the suction power may fall short of removing deep-seated dirt.

The five-year warranty can also give you peace of mind because your vacuum can be repaired free of charge within the warranty period.

4. Oreck Super-Deluxe

With power strong enough to pick up a bowling ball, the Oreck Super Deluxe Compact Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal model for hard-to-reach areas, such as blinds, high ceilings, mantels, and recessed lighting. This amount of power translates to highly efficient and effortless cleaning on your part because one glide is usually all it takes to clean a surface.

Designed to be carried around or worn over your shoulder, the Oreck Super Deluxe comes with a complete set of attachments for all your cleaning jobs, from chandeliers to computers. These attachments can easily be attached and removed, which makes your cleaning job faster and simpler. Just choose the attachment for the surface that you will be cleaning and you’re good to go.

Unlike other conventional compact vacuum cleaners, the Oreck Super Deluxe Compact uses a hypoallergenic dust bag and not a dust cup. The main advantage of this model lies in its ultra-portability without compromising power.

However, if you’re home has a high ceiling, you may have difficulty vacuuming it because the wand extends only about 3 feet. The cord is also shorter than those of the others in this list, but its power more than makes up for it.

5. Eureka AirExcel  990A

The Eureka AirExcel Compact is equipped with massive suction power. The multi-cyclonic feature ensures that the vacuum never loses suction power while cleaning. Weighing less than 8 pounds, the unit is very easy to transport from one room to another.

This canister vacuum is designed to clean both carpets and bare floors using the included carpet and bare floor brush. However, it is not highly efficient on carpeting because it lacks a roller brush. Thus, this model may not be ideal for homes with dense and extensive carpeting.

With the help of the automatic cord rewind system, the 16.5-inch cord quickly rewinds with the push of a button. The cord conveniently comes with a warning sign and stop sign as you’re nearing the cord end so you could have advanced warning of whether you need to switch to another power outlet.

Using a HEPA filter, this model effectively captures up to 99% of allergens and dust, making homes a cleaner place. The dust cup is designed to be emptied easily without creating a mess. If your home mostly has hardwood floors, then this model could work for you.

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