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10 Best Shop Vacs 2018

While Shop-Vac may be a brand name, most refer to any vacuum that can be used in a garage or workshop as a “shop vac.” These handy little devices are capable of sucking up things that would probably break a regular vacuum; things like sawdust, small bits

10 Best Multi-Surface Vacuums 2018

For homes with one main type of flooring dominating the walkways, it is easy to choose a vacuum cleaner. Those of us with multiple types of flooring, on the other hand, need a unit that is powerful enough to handle all of them. Some work OK on

10 Best Norwex Products 2018

Norwex is a well-known brand in the natural cleaning world. Their dedication to lower the use of chemicals and harmful substances in the home has made them the go-to manufacturer of products that we use on a daily basis to wash our clothing, mop our floors, clean

10 Best Portable Carpet Cleaners 2018

If your home has carpeted floors, you know how difficult it can be to keep them clean, especially if you have pets or young children. A portable carpet cleaner is a great way to clean away pet stains and high-traffic ground-in dirt. However, choosing the right portable

10 Best Steam Mops for Tile Floors 2018

If you have ever tried to clean your tile floors with a traditional mop, you know how difficult it can be. Traditional mopping seems to just spread the dirt around without really taking care of the grime. Plus, regular mopping is a physically grueling chore. You have

10 Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors 2018

If your home has hardwood floors, you understand how difficult it can be to keep them clean. If you want to remove more than just surface dirt, getting rid of persistent smears and killing household germs, you’ve probably considered cleaning your floors with a steam mop. Using

10 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners 2018

Having a tidy car at all times is not an easy task. To do this, continuous care and cleaning are needed. After all, nobody likes driving around in a dirty, messy car, not to mention, a car’s cleanness says a lot about its owner and contributes to

Best Carpet Cleaner 2018: The Complete Guide

Carpets are great for keeping your floors warm and cozy, but they are subjected to some terrible things. Shoes walking all over them, the dog and his muddy paws, children and spilt drinks and that is before you have a party! When you have carpets and a

10 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners 2018

Commercial vacuums are in a whole different world to the normal vacuums most people would use to do their Saturday morning chores. There’s a lot to think about when picking out a commercial vacuum, and it’s an important decision because this decision will be impacting your business.

6 Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners 2018

So you say you’re tired of hauling your bulky upright vacuum out every time your dog tracks dirt into the house or leaves some fur behind on the couch? Do you dread the thought of dragging that same unwieldy, full-size vacuum up and down your steps? Then